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LCD TVs are set to challenge plasma TVs in providing the best flat screen viewing experience possible. With the forthcoming High Definition TV standard, which represents a quantum leap in TV picture quality, LCD TVs should bring stunning picture quality to everyone at realistic prices. Top manufacturers are putting serious investment into LCD TV, and there are already some impressive Sony LCD TVs and Samsung LCD TVs on the market. Sony has even developed its own high-resolution image processors, and fitted them into every LCD TV in the ground-breaking new Sony Bravia LCD range. These processors put every pixel of every image through a five-stage perfecting process to deliver colour reproduction and picture quality that few others TVs can match.

Many of the new LCD TVs on the market have integrated Freeview tuners, so you can start watching free-to-air digital TV straightaway, and a growing number are High Definition ready (HD ready) in preparation for the forthcoming high definition digital transmission standard. HD represents a leap forward in technology of similar magnitude to the change from black and white to colour. HDTV signals contain five times more picture information as current TV signals, which means much higher picture resolution. HD signals can also carry 5.1 surround sound (currently common in home cinema systems). This brings a great step forward in realism, and you'll feel like you're actually there. Buying an HD Ready TV now will save you an upgrade later.

LCD TVs have a number of advantages over plasma TVs:

- Compared to a plasma TV, LCD TVs consume 40% less energy.

- An LCD TV is around 15pc lighter than a similarly-sized plasma. If you are looking for a TV that is easily portable, an LCD TV is the best solution. Being lighter means they are easier to wall mount too.

- LCD TVs are bright because behind the flat screen is a fluorescent light. This means that in daytime their picture can often be seen more easily than that of plasma TVs.

- LCD TVs don't have the burn-in problems of plasma TVs .

- LCD TVs are more reliable than plasma TVs and have a longer life. A typical LCD TV will last about 50,000 hours compared to 30,000 for a plasma TV, according to LG Philips.

- LCD TVs also offer small flat screen sizes, starting from as little as 13". This means they can easily be used on a kitchen worktop, bedroom sidetable, or even in your car.

Popular LCD TV brands include: Sharp Aquos, Sony Bravia, Samsung and LG.

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